Suffering Fools Gladly?

Suffering Fools Gladly


Dr. Karl Kolcheck


The failed British writer, David Irving, is a mass of contradictions. Stressing his love of the truth, he constantly altered documents to suit his purposes, attacking the Holocaust, he was the son of a Jewish mother, filing dozens of lawsuits against critics, lawsuits that were always dismissed by the courts, accused of using faked documents, and many other distasteful matters, Irving finally ruined himself by filing a lawsuit against a major British publishing house and lost everything he had, home, bank account and investments. Following this debacle, Irving managed to get himself arrested in Austria, was sentenced to three years in prison and was finally released on parole when he tried to kill himself by drinking cleaning fluid. Irving finally retired to a farm but his legacy of historical mendacity is still with us today. This work by Dr. Kolchak is an essay in truth, something Irving has no knowledge of.