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Suggested Reading List

Other than the books in the tabs at the top of the page, If you want to understand your world,   we believe the following material should be on your critical read list:

The Technique of Revolution – Curzio Malaparte

The True Believer – Eric Hoffer

The Power Elite – C. Everett Mills

The Fourth Turning – Strauss & Howe

The Century of Self – A four part documentary available in many formats online

Watchers at the Pond – Franklin Russell





Basilisk 3

Having retired from the CIA, three stalwart gentlemen, chronically depressed with work-related problems, took heart at the courageous activities of Edward Snowden, and formed Basilisk Press to purge their hearts of grief and guilty consciences.

A Basilisk is a mythical Middle Ages creature, half rooster and half snake, whose very look turns a person unwise enough to look at him into stone. We have assembled a number of manuscripts which we hope will entertain our readers while causing spastic colon to our former employers.  With luck,  they too shall turn to stone.


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